We have put together a wide range of lighting products that will cater to the households and housing societies, commercial properties, schools, parks, as well as those with large land holdings.

A hanging solar light like a lantern, ideal for small shops


Position the solar panel towards the sun and avoid being covered by shadows


Can hang from a hook and work for 6 to 10 hours on a full day’s charge


Rated IP54 for solar panel


Package Contents: 1 Solar Lantern,

1 Solar Panel and Warranty Card

Solar Lantern

A portable lamp, which can be rotated to adjust the lighting angle


Gets fully charged in six hours and can provide sufficient lighting between 4 to 8 hours


Two level of brightness for optional according to different operating environment


Ideal for studies at night even where there exists no electricity


Adaptor or any other adaptor which has DC 5V output with right connectors (Nokia 2mm mobile phone charger), the light can be fully charged by solar panel after 10 hours


Package Contents: 1 Solar Lantern with inbuilt solar panel, 1 Small Stand and Warranty Card

Solar Lamp

Solar Lantern

 A small home lighting system comprising of 3 bulbs for lighting and a port for mobile charging


Ideal for small houses, shops, stalls and especially for adventure junkies who want to explore while also wanting to stay connected


Splash proof sealing for bulbs


Twin switch functionality for whole system and individual switches for the bulbs


Can work from 6 to 10 hours on a day’s charge


Package Contents: 1 Solar Panel, 1 Control Box, 3 LED Lights, 1 Cable, 1 Charging Connector and Warranty Card

Solar Street Lights

We offer a wide range of street lights of various sizes, ideal for locations like schools, housing societies and any other structure that needs light at night.


Our specially designed lamps can be easily mounted and get charged during the day, provides bright light for over eight hours every night, with no electricity costs to bear.